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Lynn Fugere-Tresp

I remember one time we went to California during Christmas time, not only to see Disney Land, but mostly to come see you and Nana. We came and visited your house. While we were there, you had the TV on and that was when i saw the bowl with ribbon candy, I headed straight for it, and of course I ate some of it. Nana had made some yummy food. And We all got to see Briggs. I explored the second floor of your house, and I found one of your cats under the quest bed. I wanted to pet it and play with it but it wasnt that type of cat. I tried to get it to come out by poking it with the first thing i saw, a hanger. I laid on the bed and hung my hand over and poked and poked it and all the cat did was try to strangle it. Soon enough the cat got fed up and scratched me, and that was the last time i messed with that cat! We got to talk about how we were doing in school, and other stuff. During the time we had rented a little apartment for how ever long we were there.  You came and you brought us some Christmas gifts.

Now I miss you a million bagillion tons! And go Angels!

Carrie Fleming
I wanted to start this memorial sight to give us all that knew Brad a place to go and talk about him..... Brad was my SD for the past 23 years. He was my Mom's best friend and they were each others everything. Brad went above and beyond the call of duty for ALL that came into his life....especially for his family. He never expected anything in return.....he was just being Brad. My gosh...he did so much for my Mom and spoiled her that she hasn't even written a check in 23 years...more less pumped her own gas lol...He loved her to no end and the feeling was mutual. They were each others bestest friends and did EVERYTHING together.
This was such a shock to us all because he left us so suddenly that (my) head is still spinning. I never had the chance to tell him how much i appriciated him and to thanks him for all that he has done for me/my family and most importantly my mom..... moreless to thank him for loving my mom to no end. I did indeed tell him on the day that he passed and i feel confident that he heard me. His passing has taught me so much.....and that part i will keep private.....he heard me and that is all that matters.

Brad we missed you yesterday on Easter...it was so strange and there was a void....but i will do my best to be strong for my mom. You will be missed to no tomorrow. Please look over my mom and keep her well....i NEED her here w/ me. Thanks for all the memories....Briggs says hi and misses you too.
Go Angels!!!!!
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